Where I Learn

A shot I took from the stands of Polisseni Track and Field, overlooking Growney Stadium at St. John Fisher College.

It’s no secret that I’m definitely a little bit obsessed with my college. St. John Fisher College has been my second home these past four years, where I have lived and learned day in and day out.

I started my college career in the fall of 2013 as a Marketing major in the School of Business and instantly fell in love. I’m honored to say that I am also part of Beta Gamma Sigma, the international business honor society for business students in the top ten percent of their class.

Since Fisher is a liberal arts school, I took a few other classes in different disciplines as well, and found myself finding a real interest in a variety of subjects. Over time, one thing led to another, and as it stands, I now have three minors: Strategic Communications, Visual & Performing Arts, and Digital Cultures & Technologies. Whether you find that impressive or just crazy, I’ve loved it all the same.


Some classes I’ve taken that I’ve found to be particularly useful for internships or other experiences include:

-MKTG 327: Buyer Behavior

-COMM 267: Social Media Management

-MKTG 344: Personal Selling

-COMM 363: Media Research & Analytics

-ARTS 236 Photography and ARTS 112: Digital Art

I’m also currently enrolled in MKTG 415: Internet Marketing and COMM 481: Ad Strategy & Production, which I’ve already found to be particularly useful in the field. These courses are obviously just a few of the extremely valuable classes I’ve taken at Fisher, but they are ones that have stood out to me as particularly useful.


Though classes are a great asset, I also owe a lot of my knowledge and experience to my campus involvement at Fisher. Throughout my time at Fisher, I have played major roles on three executive boards of clubs, including:

-Marketing Coordinator of Student Activities Board (SAB)

-Promotions Manager, Vice President, and President of Fisher Swingbirds (jazz band)

-Director of Creative Design for Fisher Players (drama club)

Through doing marketing for so many major clubs on campus, I have gained a reputation among club officers as the “go-to” person when their club needs marketing help, and have led trainings for club marketers to go to and learn the best practices for on-campus marketing.

I have participated in an on-campus program entitled “Emerging Leaders” and have also been an orientation team leader for three years, welcoming and introducing new freshmen to the College and showing them the ropes. I am also a student ambassador, providing on-campus tours to perspective students.