Who I Am

paintingBorn and raised in Buffalo, NY, I’m a big fan of pizza and wings, embracing all four seasons, and cheering on hopeless football teams (#gobills). I love family and staying close to home, but I’m an adventurer at heart and hope to one day travel the world.

Ever since I was little, I’ve loved showing my creative side. Whether it be the hours I’d spend fancying up a pop-up birthday card, creating my own magazine, or making my own crazy lyrics to pop songs, it felt like there was no limit to my 10-year-old imagination.

Not only does my creativity run through my words and my designs, I have also, for as long as I can remember, been in love with music. After dabbling with a variety of instruments including clarinet, guitar, and piano, I am most often found jamming on my tenor saxophone. During my senior year of college, I was president of our jazz band,  Fisher Swingbirds. Whether it be playing or singing, the only time where my brain might not be humming is while I’m sleeping (and even then I’m not so sure).

I’m beyond thankful that I have found a career choice that lets me bring my little-kid imagination into a professional setting. Throughout my years so far, I’ve loved being able to combine my passions for writing, art, music, and leadership to help me develop as a creative young professional. Check out some of the other tabs available on this site to learn more about the experiences I’ve had that have molded me into who I am.