Photo Shoot for The Perfect Granola

I’m currently taking COMM 481: Ad Strategy and Production, a class held at JAY Advertising Agency, where we work with the current professionals to come up with real campaigns for Rochester-area clients. Our current client is The Perfect Granola, a local company with a clear healthy and philanthropic mission.

What makes The Perfect Granola so “perfect,” if you will, is first its composition of ingredients. There is nothing artificial about it — no chemicals, preservatives, GMOs, sodium, cholesterol, or gluten. It has all natural ingredients, but that doesn’t compensate for taste, as it is equally delicious as it is healthy. The other “perfect” aspect of The Perfect Granola is its philanthropic mission to give back to the Rochester community, as one hundred percent of the profits are donated back to local charities and food pantries.

Bearing all of this in mind, we wanted to get some shots of the product that personify those ideas of natural, authentic, tasty, and Rochester-inspired. With this, we went all over the city, including the famous Erie Canal in Pittsford and Cobb’s Hill Reservoir which had a beautiful view of the Rochester skyline.

Being able to be both in front of and behind the camera for this project has already been such an enjoyable experience. Not only did we get lifestyle pictures throughout the city, but I also got to have some fun being the art director of a shoot we did showcasing the all-natural ingredients. The pictures above are just a glimpse into some of the cool shots we’ve gotten so far and I am extremely excited to put all of our photos and text together to create something truly inspiring.


Being Awarded Club Officer of the Year!


On Sunday, April 9th, St. John Fisher College’s Student Government Associated hosted their annual “SGA Awards” ceremony, where they honored select clubs and individuals who went above and beyond in their involvement on campus throughout the academic year.

The methodology of clubs and individuals who are nominated is based on a campus-wide nomination survey distributed to students and faculty. In past years, I’ve won Best Publicity on behalf of Student Activities Board and Fisher Players, and last year I was honored to receive “Junior of the Year.”

As for this year, I came in not so sure what to expect. Having received Junior of the Year last year, I assumed they would not want to award the same person as Senior of the Year. Though I’ve certainly worked hard throughout my entire college career, I’m up against a class of individuals that are extremely impressive. I am constantly being impressed by the creative and inspiring ideas brought up by some of my fellow students.

When they announced the nominees for Club Officer of the Year and I saw my name on the screen, my heart was beating. All of the individuals beside me on the screen were some of the most hard-working, driven people I knew. Then, they went on to describing the recipient as the current president of Fisher Swingbirds, active Marketing Coordinator of Student Activities Board…. and at that moment I knew it was me. I started to tear up, and the rest of the speech is now just a blur.

To everyone who nominated and selected me for this award: Thank you. It means more than words can say to know that all of my hard work is not only recognized, but appreciated on this campus. So many of the people I’ve met through being involved are the most incredible people I’ve ever met, and I am so happy with my decision to start getting involved during my freshman year. Through all of this, I cannot be grateful enough for the amazing opportunities Fisher has given me to develop as a leader.

Thank you, Fisher.

Music heals the soul… and maybe even a life.

From 6pm to 6am on Friday, March 31 – Saturday, April 1, sleep was of no importance. Instead, for many Fisher students, this time was dedicated to participating in Relay for Life. Recently, some of my dearest family and friends have been diagnosed with cancer, so participating in Relay for Life this year meant even more to me than ever before.

As some of you probably know, I am the president of a band on campus called the Fisher Swingbirds. This band is a huge part of my life, as music is often my quick escape from reality and Swingbirds has been able to be this outlet for me throughout college. Not only this, but the people I’ve met through being a part of this club have been some of my best friends that have helped shape me into the person I am today.

I am extremely proud of the Swingbirds for staying up through late hours of the night to stay by my side and participate in this event with me, raising money for cancer research so hopefully one day we will find a cure. The Fisher Swingbirds were also given the honor to perform quite a few of our favorite songs to inspire others as well through our music. Being able to take on a larger role as not only a participator but as a performer in such a special event is a memory I will hold onto for a while.

All in all, the event raised $17,577.88 for the American Cancer Society, and knowing that I was a contributor in that makes me so proud to be a Fisher student. Here’s hoping one day there will be a cure.