Being Awarded Club Officer of the Year!


On Sunday, April 9th, St. John Fisher College’s Student Government Associated hosted their annual “SGA Awards” ceremony, where they honored select clubs and individuals who went above and beyond in their involvement on campus throughout the academic year.

The methodology of clubs and individuals who are nominated is based on a campus-wide nomination survey distributed to students and faculty. In past years, I’ve won Best Publicity on behalf of Student Activities Board and Fisher Players, and last year I was honored to receive “Junior of the Year.”

As for this year, I came in not so sure what to expect. Having received Junior of the Year last year, I assumed they would not want to award the same person as Senior of the Year. Though I’ve certainly worked hard throughout my entire college career, I’m up against a class of individuals that are extremely impressive. I am constantly being impressed by the creative and inspiring ideas brought up by some of my fellow students.

When they announced the nominees for Club Officer of the Year and I saw my name on the screen, my heart was beating. All of the individuals beside me on the screen were some of the most hard-working, driven people I knew. Then, they went on to describing the recipient as the current president of Fisher Swingbirds, active Marketing Coordinator of Student Activities Board…. and at that moment I knew it was me. I started to tear up, and the rest of the speech is now just a blur.

To everyone who nominated and selected me for this award: Thank you. It means more than words can say to know that all of my hard work is not only recognized, but appreciated on this campus. So many of the people I’ve met through being involved are the most incredible people I’ve ever met, and I am so happy with my decision to start getting involved during my freshman year. Through all of this, I cannot be grateful enough for the amazing opportunities Fisher has given me to develop as a leader.

Thank you, Fisher.


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